Self sufficient and improving our environment.

From Sunday 1st April 2012 parishioners can deposit their green waste daily in a container in the car park at Fordbrooke Nurseries during opening hours. Green waste from your garden suitable for the scheme are grass mowings, hedge cuttings, weeds, prunings and small branches up to 6 inches diameter maximum; not suitable are stones, rubble, soil, wire, plastic pots, glass or cardboard. Successful compost for your garden eventually depends on only suitable green material being supplied by local gardeners to the scheme.

For those residents accumulating large amounts of green waste now - please hold on to it - details about its disposal/collection will be published in the May edition of Brixton Magazine.

For further information or if you would like to become involved in this new and innovative scheme please contact Alan Powell on 01752 880957 or by e-mail to

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