Education Funding opportunity for 16 to 23 year olds.

If you are a student between the ages of 16 to 23 years in a position of full-time education and you or your parents/guardians are struggling to finance your education, please consider applying for an award from the Elize Hele Foundation, or the Devon and Cornwall Aid for Girls Trust. Education can be academic, or apprenticeship in nature, but must be full-time.

Yealmpton Parish Council has representation on the trustee boards of these local Trusts and would like to see students who are in financial hardship benefit from funding. All applications are made directly to the Foundations and are treated in confidence. Average grant per annum for the Elize Hele Foundation is 311.00 per student and for the D&C Aid for Girls Trust 336.00 per student. Awards are given for one off help, or subsequent years of support if further application is made.

The trusts can grant awards to finance books, computers, tools, travel, clothing, special fees etc. In addition The D&C Girls Aid Trust will help with maintenance whilst studying.

To find out more please contact

or Cllr. Jessop of Brixton Parish Council on Tel: 01752 405278.