The spring blossom of the magnolia painted by Brian Hucker is just one of many species to be found in and around our village.

The photographs below, by Roy Axell (RA) & Graham Searle (GS), offer a selection of some others...

Scroll down to see a set by Roy and Graham's 500 calorie walk; at the bottom are two superb photos by David Lowden followed by a new Spring set by Roy.

You may also wish to visit our PHOTO GALLERY of Parish views.

Woodland Snowdrops (RA)
Found at Fordbrook! (GS)
Hedgerow Primula (GS)
Peacock Butterfly (RA)
Buzzard (RA)
Pheasant off Cherry Tree Drive (RA)
Hedgerow Bluebells at Steer Point (GS)
Swans near Warren Wood (GS)
Primroses nr. Winston (GS)
Heron's early breakfast! (RA)
Garden Tiger Moth (RA)
Red Campion in Hedgerow nr. South Barton (GS)
Cherry Tree Drive Squirrel (GS)
Tree growths, Western Park Wood (GS)
Alium (RA)
Yellowhammer (GS)
Gorlofen - Bluebells & Wild Garlic (RA)
Bath-time Robin (RA)
Dandelion Clock (RA)
Chaffinch (RA)
Local Starlings (GS)
Hedgehog Visitor! (RA )
Goldfinch (RA)
Green Woodpecker (GS)
Birds' breakfast! (RA)
February Camelia (RA)
Little Egret (RA)
Cornflower (RA)
Comma Butterfly (RA)
Crocus '09 (RA)
Woodpecker flaps! (GS)
Jersey Tiger Moth (RA)
Lesser Spotted Woodpecker (RA)
A set of photographs (2010) taken by Roy Axell; mostly taken on a Gorlofen walk...
Gorlofen/Catson Green Footpath
Dandelion Clock
Wild Garlic
Flowering Plantain
Red Campion
Gorlofen Woods
Red Admiral Butterfly
Garden Poppy Orange
Tortoiseshell Butterfly
Chiff Chaff
Departing Swift (GS)
Cherry Tree Jay (GS)
So lovely is the countryside around us, that you really don't need an excuse to walk through it... but I found one! I am doing my best to lose weight and the folk of Brixton have been so kind and encouraging. Here's some photographs I took on one of my walks... I started at the stile behind Cherry Tree drive...
... turning left down the lane towards the A379...
Over the stile by the fine Cofflete path...
... and finding one of my favourite flowers.
... was this a Komodo Dragon?

In the first meadow, a tree like a skeletal hand, pointing skywards...

... and a magnificent Beech.
The vista through a gateway westwards...
... and in the second meadow, where I found some curious residents...
... and a shy youngster!
Another grand view westwards...
... before the stile on Steer Point Road.
The Broad Ooze.
Looking south eastwards above Dragberry Plantation.
A new life...
... and another curious bunch!
Along Steer Point Road and back into our village..
... up towards Stamps Hilll and before turning westwards at Woolaton Cross.
A breather and a view from the stile where I started!
These two fine photographs are by David Lowden
Four signs of Spring's glory - photographs by Roy:

Calm down, chaps! (GS)
More photography coming soon to this gallery....