The illustrations and notes below give an idea of the wondrous number of footpaths around Brixton. The "shoe" link gives you a selection of recommended walks in the area. When using any of the paths, please be aware of the needs of farmers and land owners.
FP 15; across fields at Wiverton
FP 22; the fields at Vealeholme
FP 18; the farmlands of West Sherford
Fp 6; close to the boundary of Otter Nurseries
FP 1; Wapplewell towards Halwell
FP 21; fields above Fordbrook Farm
FP 5; at Brixton Torr
FP 20; west of Brixton Torr
FP 27; Ridge Cross northwards
FP 2; the Spriddlestone path
FP 4; from above the old railway bridge to the village
FP 26; above South Barton to Brixton
FP 9; across Cherry Tree Drive to farm lanes
FP 24; south-east of the Church; and yes... it rains sometimes!
FP 10; Brixton to Gorlofen for the kiln walk

FP 16; from the A379 back to FP 10

FP 30; along the Broad Ooze
FP 31; connected to FP 30