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Finding New Opportunities and Support in the Community

As we age, the majority of us will experience some form of memory loss, part of nature's natural cycle. The level and extent that this memory loss impacts on people's lives and the lives of family and friends will vary tremendously with each individual person. It could be minor problems, such as forgetting names or dates; or more major memory loss associated with dementia. Memory loss can start at a relatively young age, but in the majority of people it is as they enter older years. Early support and expert advice can help prepare people for the future, keep people in their homes and community for longer and prevent isolation for individuals and/ or their carers.

This area of Devon is going to see a steep rise in its aging population over the next 10 years and the number of people affected by memory loss will increase. The Parish Councils of Brixton, Wembury, Yealmpton, Newton Ferrers and Noss Mayo working together to find out at how people affected by loss of memory and their carers could be supported, for example to help keep social networks; continue taking part in community activities and find opportunities to take up different interests and meet new people. Across Devon, and nationally many different types of support exist for affected persons, their carers, or both.These include some of the following community driven projects:

phone support

carer's groups

walking groups

Singing for the Brain - a designed programme that helps with articulation, focus, motivation and promotes a sense of well-being

Memory Café's - provides a place where any person (or their carer) affected by memory loss, can find support and advice from experienced volunteers, or professional. Depending on demand, can be run monthly, or more frequently.

home visiting


benefit advice


organised day trips

The above are just some ideas.

What we would like to hear about from people, family, carers, friends, affected by memory loss is what type of local community support they would like to see develop .

For the Parish of Brixton please contact Liz Hitchins on 01752 880715