Councillor CONTACT details

The Parish Council consists of the following personnel:

Chairman : Liz Hitchins (Click for Annual Report 2018-2019)

Vice-Chairman: Michael Wills

Councillors: Ian Martin, Ian Calvert, Richard Du Pont, Brenda Huxtable, Roger Wakeham, Helen Williams, Josef Parish

Parish Clerk: Kirstie Aldridge

The council can be contacted via the clerk at the following email address:

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Agendas and Meetings Minutes Guidance to public particpation in Council meetings (updated)
The Role of the Parish Council

The Parish Council plays an important role as a grassroots level of Local Government. It directly represents and promotes the interests of the community.

The Council consists of nine Councillors who are your unpaid representatives plus a part time employed Clerk who carries out the Council's business and ensures that the many statutory requirements placed upon the Council are met.

To finance the Parish Council, a small levy is made on your Council Tax, called the Precept. The Parish Council adjusts the precept annually once it has set its budget for the year. The Precept figure is then recorded in the Council minutes.

Minutes are displayed on the Parish Notice Board , on this website and in the Brixton Magazine. (Copies available from the shop and Post Office). The Parish Council promotes the interest of the Parish in relation to all aspects of community life, including:

Sherford New Community, Planning & Development, Highways & Road safety, Public Transport, The Environment, Youth issues, Recreation Facilities, Health Care, Care in the Community, Parish Footpaths.

For details of the individual roles of Councillors, please refer to PDF of ROLES & DUTIES

Parish Council Environmental Policy PDF