The initials with each photograph are those of the individual photographer. You may also wish to visit our FLORA AND FAUNA Gallery. Please feel free to e-mail any of your appropriate images to us. GS = Graham Searle; RA = Roy Axell.
Scroll down to see a beautiful set of photographs by David Lowden and Brixton Snow pictures by both Graham and Roy. You'll also fine some fine dusk shots by Roy; three winter ones by Michael Wills; two grand rainbows from Roy; four new ones by David & a lovely view by Linda Durman
One of the views from Gentian Kennels; looking towards Dartmoor. (GS)
North of the Church can be found the former dwellings of the Priest. (RA)
Dawn in Brixton (RA)
A late-evening tractor at work in a field north of the village. (GS)
Observers on Footpath 26! (GS)
The ancient bridge at Brixton Torr (GS)
Fordbrook Nurseries is also a working smallholding (GS)
Horn Lane (RA)
The rolling pastures of East Sherford (GS)
Brixton Torr from below FP 4 (GS)
The River Yealm from nr. Steer Point (GS)
Woodland near Steer Point (GS)
The well-used allotments (GS)
Tapps Lodge(GS)
Late evening at Woolaton (GS)
Brixton House (GS)
View west; beyond Venn Farm (GS)
The road to Plymouth (GS)
Now a private residence, this building was The Old Laundry (GS)
The Crescent (GS)
Westwards... (GS)
Cross Park (GS)
Morning at Cherry Tree Drive (GS)
Sunset at Cherry Tree Drive (GS)
scroll down for more of Roy Axell's work
The lovely photographs below were taken by David Lowden
At Steer Point
Fine local farmland near South Barton
Estuary footpath

Views across to Kitley House Hotel

Cylinder Bridge, Yealm Estuary
Kitley House view - before the ploughing!
On the Estuary Walk
Brixton Tor - Combe walk
The old railway bridge
These two views look westwards towards St. Mary's Church
"The Tunnel"
Here's a further selection of work by Roy Axell....
Misty Morning
Woodland at Torr
Yealm Mudbanks
Along the Yealm
Winstone Bridge
Evening Sunshine
Wednesday January 6th, 2010; Brixton's first feel of real snow of the New Year! In an ever changing light, Graham had a go at these....
St. Mary's from the Feoffee Park
Early in Cherry Tree Drive
... and early from Cherry Tree Drive
Gateway to the Feofee Park
St Mary's & Priests Cottages
The light's gloomy over the village...
A snowy remembrance
Towards the village from nr. Tuscanys
St. Mary's tower
Fresh snow nr. Tuscanys
Woolaton as the sun glimmers... just!
... and here's some stunning work by Roy taken during the snowy times...
Roy's Garden
St. Mary's Church
St. Mary's Church
Two panoramic views of the village and its surroundings...
The evening light
Roy has also taken some fine shots of Brixton and the surrounding countryside in the evening glow, at dusk and beyond. No captions... these lovely pictures speak for themselves...
and before "Sumer is ycumen in", three wintery shots by Michael Wills...
Village Rainbows (RA)
the four stunning photographs below are by David Lowden
More photography coming soon to this gallery....
Autumn Morning by Linda Durman