We are hoping to build a library of recordings from all over our lovely parish; this should include wild-life sounds, everyday life and tales spoken by local folk.

Our first participant in this delightful scheme is David Pryce, who lived in the village for many years - man and boy. Here are a few of his reminiscences; they contain some lovely country humour and some very touching moments. You can listen to them, as you can see, as one file or as separate units. Links, as always, in blue...
David Pryce - "Village Tales" complete file ( a very large download )

David Pryce - the individual pieces

1. Perce James - the cows & the bull; Friday Night is bath night

2. The outside loo; Grandad Taylor & the tar barrel

3. The rusted bedsprings; the wells

4. Uncle Dick and the steamed pasties

5. The tale of David's brother

6. The conker-playing choirboys; Revd. Sandy Powell

7. The wartime chickens

8. The Americans & the candy; David Sneed, G.I.

9. The football lesson; the POWs and the garlic

10. Dances

11. Parcels from America

The second person I chatted to was the wonderful Joan Marshall. Joan is a real Brixton lady - having been here all her life. She moved out of her cottage near the Feoffee Park when she was 87 and now lives in The Lawns. You may catch one or two gasps of admiration from myself on the recordings; after all, Joan is a remarkable person...
Joan Marshall - "A Village Life" complete set of files in two parts - ONE andTWO ( very large downloads ).These are recorded, as below, in the order Joan spoke them...

Joan Marshall - the individual pieces


1. A family line; the first conscript; a proposal

2. Playing in The Park; new houses; the Feoffee Trust

3. Miss Otley's shop; the butchers; open doors; creamy milk

4. Getting on together

5. Games of rounders; modern toys

6. Conscription; reporting for duty; going two ways

7. Mrs. Coleman's kindness; Ben Cane

8. Making ends meet

9. Being in the church

10. The Church Warden's conversation

11. The old cupboard; Bill's Altar; making crosses

12. Previous incumbents; church changes


13. School House; church evenings; church and school

14. Education Sunday

15. Cleaning the gutters

16. The shop by St. Mary's

17. A village's identity

18. Sunday school trips to Mothecombe

19. A proper picnic ( not forgetting the kettle! )

20. Making Christmas decorations

21. Bill and the school stage

22. 27 years as a dinner lady; proper cooking; keeping order

23. The incident of the flying custard ( and the phone! )

24. Enjoying a proper pint

... and the latest person to offer her memories of village life is my good friend, Elaine Tapper. The pieces stand alone and will be appearing on a set of CDs alongside other contributors as soon as possible.

1. Intro: changing addresses and school pt. 1

2. Sports Day

3. Cherry Tree Drive and the firewood

4. School buildings; School routines

5. School playtimes and the gardening

6. Ladybird books and more

7. We were happy at school

8. Big families back then

9. Party times

10. Christmas and the burnt tree

11. Christmas economies

12. Finding work

13. Transport tales

14. Sundays and trips

15. Mudbanks Sundays

16. Brixton shops

17. Tradesmen and trust

18. The closeness of it all

19. More closeness

20. Steer Point and that sinking feeling

21. Bows and arrows

22. Characters pt. 1

23. Characters pt. 2

24. Chapel and choir

25. Cherry Tree Drive and The Crescent

26. All grown up

27. Coming home